Wednesday, August 5, 2009

John Sassi, age 29, has been a devoted mineral collector for over ten years; having focused mostly on New England Pegmatite. Originally from northern Rhode Island, John has been inspired by the work of former New Hampshire prospector Peter Samuelson. John is currently engaged to Nicole Arvanites, with whom he shares his passion for stones.

Derek Downes, age 32, is the owner and operator of the Green Pit, Albany township, Oxford Co., Maine. The Green Pit borders Bumpus Mine and Songo Pond Mine. He is a passionate woodsman, husband, and father of two young boys. Derek has thoroughly scoured the mountains of northern New England

Scott Maier, age 24, recently traveled to Nepal to develop business relations with now-company-member Akrur Shah in order to diversify our stock of specimens. Scott is currently working to develop successful business partnerships and establish goals which follow the ideals set forth in our mission statement.

Akrur Shah, age 46, was born in Jajarkot, Nepal. Akrur is currently making preliminary ventures into the unexplored wilderness along the Main Central Himalayan Thrust to locate dravite, aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, and the world’s finest kyanite. He is also searching out access to promising geological areas. Akrur is married with one son.

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